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By North Creek Dental Care of Naperville
December 29, 2014
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Children's TeethThe Holiday season is here! Here’s some advice from North Creek Dental Care, your Naperville, IL pediatric dentist on how to protect your child’s teeth from all the sweets.

Allow in Moderation

While some parents may choose to ban candy or treats from their homes, all together, those that do allow their children to munch on leftover trick-or-treat candy or indulge in Holiday cookies should be sure to regulate the amount they let their kids eat. Just as you would for their overall health, exercise portion control with your children’s sweet intake.

Make Good Choices

Certain sweets are worse for your kids’ teeth than others. Dr. Thomas Ryan, your Naperville, IL pediatric dentist, recommends that your children avoid sour, sticky or chewy candies and overly sugary treats. These can include taffies, gummies, candy corn, caramels and cookies. While the negative effects of sugar on the teeth are well-known, some people are unaware that the acid in sour candy can damage tooth enamel and overly-chewy treats can even go as far as pulling out a baby tooth.
Other sweets are not so bad, such as suckers. They increase saliva production, just like gum (make sure it’s sugar-free!), which can stave off tooth decay. Gum can also help remove particles of food that have been left in the mouth and between the teeth. Dark chocolate is not so great for the teeth, but it does include antioxidants that are great for the heart.

Maintain Good Oral Health

Encourage your children to brush and floss their teeth each day, not just around this time of year. Keeping up good habits are always important, so establish them with your kids at an early age.
Your Naperville, IL pediatric dentist at North Creek Dental Care can help you and your children through this tasty, tempting season. For more advice, call your caring dental staff today.

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