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By North Creek Dental Care of Naperville
January 06, 2015
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When you're at a dentist appointment, you often find that you've bitten off more than you can chew once your primary oral hygienist has taken care of you. They frequently will uncover cavities caused from poor oral hygiene, discolored teeth instigated by an unhealthy diet, or even rotting gums led on by gingivitis.

Though most of these dental disasters are largely self-inflicted and caused by a lack of oral self-discipline, some others occur not Bruxersbecause of our own lack of hygienic will-power but because of our quirky stress-related habits. One of the most common examples of such teeth-deteriorating habits is known as bruxing, or persistent teeth grinding and clenching, often caused by one's own subconscious response to certain stressors.

Check out a few interesting facts you should be aware of if you're a big bad bruxer below:

Why You Do It

Most of those who brux do so out of a subconscious habit caused by stress. That being said, others end up bruxing because they have misaligned teeth, or some other prevalent dental dilemma.

What The Dentist Can Do

If your bruxing is caused by stress, try being more aware of the repetitive habit so you can begin to manifest that stress outlet in a more healthy manner-- such as through exercise, meditation, or even listening to your favorite tunes!

If your bruxing has caused significant damage to your enamel, the natural protective covering on your teeth, your dentist might suggest a custom-made nightguard that's similar to an athletic mouthguard. This great tool will help keep you from grinding away at night, while also maintaining your jaw joints' strength.

Bruxing Bite Adjustment

If some of your teeth stick out further than others, your dentist may request to remove a small amount of enamel from the problematic teeth so that it's back on the same horizontal field as the rest. Otherwise called a bite adjustment, this technique can be quite successful in uneven bruxers.

Furthermore, if you're missing any teeth, then it might be beneficial to get them replaced so that no unwanted problems arise from the shifting of teeth that inevitably occurs when extra space is left vacant in your mouth because of already-missing ones.

If you're ready to get rid of your bruxing once and for all, then come check out North Creek Dental Care of Naperville, one of the leading dentistries in all of Illinois! The dental experts on site employ careful hands and gentle techniques for full bruxing relief all the time, so give them a call at (630) 983-9877 today!

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