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May 21, 2019
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How a root canal from your dentist in Naperville, IL, can save your smile

You’ve probably heard about root canals—it seems like everyone has a story about root canals and how difficult they are! However, that Root_Canalreputation is completely unfounded! The truth is, you don’t need to fear root canals. In fact, this treatment not only treats your smile, but it actually relieves pain. Read on to learn how Dr. Jordan R. Simonovich at North Creek Dental Care of Naperville uses this procedure to save his patients' smiles!


More about Root Canals

You may need a root canal if you start experiencing symptoms such as:

  • Increasing tooth pain when you consume hot or cold foods/beverages
  • Acute, sharp tooth pain when you bite or chew
  • Tooth pain that doesn’t go away after dental treatment
  • A tooth that is becoming darker or grayer than the teeth next to it
  • A white or red bump appearing on your gums next to a tooth root
  • Drainage including blood or pus coming from the bump on your gums

You begin to experience symptoms when the innermost layer of your tooth, an area known as the pulp, becomes inflamed. The pulp can become bruised or damaged because of deep decay, dental trauma, or other causes. Fluid and pressure can then build up inside your tooth as the pulp becomes more inflamed, causing painful (and often severe) symptoms.

The answer to eliminating your dental pain and still keeping your tooth is root canal therapy. Root canal treatment is a simple procedure that is performed under local anesthetic. Using specialized instruments, your dentist removes the inflamed tissue, an action that eliminates inflammation, reduces fluid buildup, and eliminates all pain. When your dental pain is gone, the sedative material is removed and replaced with an inert material. Finally, a small permanent filling is placed, and your treatment is finished!


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